Saturday, 16 March 2013

Passing the Feng Shui Student test.

The day finally came where I was to meet Master Liu and a translator at the home of some willing friends of a friend in Melbourne. 
The time in between had seemed like an eternity and every available moment I had was spent reading the little I could find on feng shui. Yet I didn't realise that what I was reading was Black Hat feng shui and not traditional feng shui. Gosh its amazing how we can convince ourselves that we know so much when in fact we know so little!

I took a deep breath and with my knees trembling we entered the property, introduced ourselves to the owners and Master Liu stepped back and encouraged me to assess the house.

This of course was the first time I had been to this home or met the occupants and so I asked them to show me through their home. Thanks to growing up with my father in the building trade it was easy for me to appreciate the house on a structural and design level and I asked what I thought were relevant questions along the way, with the translator telling Master Liu everything that was being said.

Even though this was 20 years ago I can still remember that house vividly, such was the intensity of my feelings and intent on trying to do the right thing by the owners and especially Master Liu, I didn't want to mess up this chance of learning from the this wonderful Master.

After looking through the home, and coming back to the entry hall, Master Liu asked me to give him my assessment.  The obvious thing to me was it was facing the wrong way, the door was hard to get to and the design was not very functional. His eyes never left me, I felt I was being assessed to my very core. He asked me if I could tell him where the center of the house was, and this was not something I had anticipated, but I thought shouldn't be too hard as the home was roughly squarish.

I wasn't far off center and then he asked what I could tell him about the occupants, wow I thought, isn't is all supposed to be about the house!

At that point he took over and asked the the dates of birth of everybody and seemed to be working things out on his hand, his eyes were fascinating to watch as he calculated. He then told them quite a bit about themselves along with some things they needed to do in the house to help with some problems he had identified.

The owners were amazed at what he told them both personally and regarding the house and were very grateful, and I had to work hard to not look gobsmacked and try to control the feeling that I had somehow failed.

Master Liu then said we needed to go and have lunch and talk about the house and my assessment. So we headed to a Chinese restaurant and he ordered for the three of us and proceeded to ask me a lot more questions about my thoughts on the house as well as my background, interests, current work, family etc. He then asked me for my birth date and again, I watched his amazing eyes as he calculated on his hand and proceeded to tell me a lot about myself. I was in awe.

It turned out I have the 7th sense ability (it was years later I asked about 6th sense) and I will become a well known feng shui master and yes he would teach me, but I will need have a lot of patience, I would have to help a lot of people before I would be able to help myself and I was to call him Master.

I was ecstatic! It took an enormous amount of energy to appear to remain calm and composed and listen to all he had to say as he laid before me how he would teach me, what was expected of me, and that I would not be consulting professionally for 2 years as it would take that long for me to learn, integrate and become competent enough to work under his name. 

The next two years are a book in themselves and I will share with you some of those stories of learning and traveling and friendship with my wonderful Feng Shui Master Liu.

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