Friday, 8 March 2013

Chinese New Year

From November to the end of March each year is really the busiest time in my Feng Shui world, with long term clients wanting their annual personal charts assessed and the annual flying star looked at for their homes and business. I love this time of year as I hear so many wonderful stories of all of the good things that have happened and their plans for the future as well, often with comments such as "Melynda you were right we did have to watch out for.....!"
Some of my clients who feel they don't need me to visit each year love to attend the annual two hour workshop I run in January which is always very well attended. In this workshop we recap the year just ending and look at the flying star for the new year, along with the animals signs, 9 star Qi, the Grand Duke and much more. There are two of these sessions on the same day, yet the stories and the questions are so different between what I call the morning group and the afternoon group, however both groups offer again many exclamations of the year past and an eager anticipation of the year ahead.

Of course the Chinese New Year celebrations are always fun and I see Master Liu and his family at this time with  the opportunity for me to practice my conversational Mandarin, which is still more in the form of 'Chinglish'  along with the consumption of wonderful treats and tea to celebrate.
This Chinese New Year, my colleague Vicki Sauvage and I spoke on behalf of the IFSA International Feng Shui Day Luncheon in Sydney to a very appreciative group of Feng Shui Consultants and we had a great time indeed.
Carolyn McCallum was our wonderful driver to everywhere and there were many interesting conversations pertaining to energy and flow, the current cycle of cosmic chi breath, yin and yang, landforms, annual stars, compass formulas and Carolyn's experiences with the fire formula. It was a wonderful few days.

This year I will be attending the annual IFSA Convention in Melbourne in May and I am very much looking forward to catching up with the all wonderful consultants who attend from around Australia and overseas, as well as a few of my own interested clients.

Vicki Sauvage will be speaking this year on Land-form and will be teaching level one again under Master Liu later in the year.

I will be teaching 'Understanding Fire Formula' again this year in June and October. During these two days we look deeply into our relationship to fire in the home as well as placement for fire itself. Its amazing how many homes have fire inappropriately placed causing sickness, family trouble and money loss, where, with a bit of feng shui planning you can place your stove and fire into a position that can really benefit you in so many wonderful ways.

I have lived with both good and bad placement and I certainly know which I prefer!

This study goes much deeper into using the Luo Pan and 4 different rings or formulas. The Luo Pan is the most wonderful traditional tool and yet still amazingly not taught in many western schools.

In my next post I will continue my story with my early feng shui studies.

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