Sunday, 2 December 2012

Finding a Feng Shui Master

There is a saying, "when the student is ready, the Master will appear." This has been the case for me all of my life.  Every time I have had a personal need, I have always met the relevant teacher thus allowing me to grow in the area required and to have the willingness to then teach or help others.
I give honor and thanks to them all.

Master Liu was no exception and he himself had been seeking at student for two years, so how did we meet?

In 1992 my husband and I bought a 1960's cream brick house close to the centre of town which had been used as consulting rooms for some time and we ourselves planned to use it as a Natural Therapies clinic. It was at the end of a T intersection and 'felt' as if it had problems, but was structurally sound, on a large block, had a wide street and ticked all the boxes for a wonderful future clinic.
It still felt wrong, and even though neither of us had even heard of feng shui at that point we both had an appreciation of working with energy. It was shortly after that I read an article in a magazine and my husband went to a talk on feng shui, and we both recognised this was for us and specifically for me.
So the search began for more information, this was not easy as we didn't have the WWW at that point, so I said to a friend that the best thing was for me to go to China to find a Master as this was a study that was traditionally passed from Master to student as a lineage. My friend Kim said don't be ridiculous, as I didn't speak chinese, I was a female and I didn't eat pork! Sigh, so I began with China Books, a shop in Melbourne that was run by Chinese people although most of the books were in Chinese including the feng shui ones.

After a few false starts, particularly in meeting self taught feng shui consultants, and constantly being advised to read the local Chinese newspaper, I was given the name of a Chinese man to go and speak to in China Town Melbourne. 

The first time I went to this address, the office was closed. The second time it was open but no-one was there. I could hear sounds up the stairs and so venturing up I found myself entering a Chinese Temple, incense burning, a beautiful deity statue, a man in prayer and such an incredible sense of peace.

I was just turning to make a quiet retreat and he saw me; I felt as if the whole universe had just turned its attention on me. This man was polite and asked me to come down stairs and into the office I had previously found empty. He questioned me in very poor english as to my visit and I whilst handing him the piece of paper that the China books girl had written the name of a feng shui man on, I asked him if I could meet this man. "Why?" he asked. This was my first experience of trying to talk to someone with very limited english and yet get my point across. So with a deep breath I explained I wanted to learn Feng Shui.  His eyes were curious, kind and yet intense at the same time, I felt as if he could see into my soul, maybe I was just very open at the time.

We had what I thought was a very poor, stilted, and limited conversation that ended with him asking for my phone number and a time that he could call with a translator. I did a quick calculation of how long it would take me to finish my appointments for the day and drive the 2.5 hours to my country home and so told him 8pm.

In my excitement I was home much earlier, however I sat by the phone for nearly 2 weeks!
Finally I had the phone call, which was the beginning of my feng shui journey. I hadn't  realised at the time, but this man was Master Liu and through the translator he asked me a lot of questions about my work, my interests and in particular why I wanted to learn, and finally he said that he needed to observe me assessing a house and then he would decide if I was suitable for him to teach. 

I was ecstatic, but terrified at the same time, how could I assess a house when I hadn't learned a thing?????   I will tell you next time.

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