Sunday, 25 November 2012

Welcome to Traditional Feng Shui with Melynda

Hi, I have been encouraged to write this blog as a way of connecting with students, clients and colleagues in preference to a corporate website, as all of my work and teaching is by referral only.

I will at times post articles and musings as well as dates for speaking events and classes, and if our students are willing I will list them as having studied with us and their contact details, as they are all truly wonderful people.

Feng Shui is such a deep study it really is a life's journey. Many formulas can be learned easily, however the use of these formulas requires a depth of understanding that only comes with continuing observations and questioning of all of the factors in any situation. The use of 'cures' show the level of understanding by the consultant, and if truly proficient won't be 'visible' to the casual eye.

Observation is really the key and the best way to observe is to be as still and as calm inside as possible. I remember a story I read to my son when he was about nine-ish and it was about a young man who spoke very little and "the less he spoke the more he saw, and the more he saw the less he spoke."
Consultations are often full of a lot of noise from clients. This can be anything form a barrage of questions, to the conflicts that relate to Chi problems, and both are to be expected. Remaining balanced, calm and 'still' inside is vital to the final outcome.

In the past 20 years, my Feng Shui studies have taken me many times to China following Master Liu through cities and the country to some fairly remote places. I will share some of these stories along the way.

I have also travelled  to see many clients all over Australia, in New Zealand and a handful in other countries. Over this time, both myself and many of the early clients who are still with me, have grown personally, expanding and developing professionally, and my suggestions have become more refined and simple as I have grown and deepened in my own understanding. In essence we have grown together.

Of course I am still learning. At times with Master Liu formally teaching me, at other times self-study which Master Liu encourages. As a naturopath I am also drawn to other teachers and other related subjects from time to time. However I don't think there is a day goes by where I don't have a question in my mind that needs answering, and so my journey continues.


  1. Welcome to blog world! So glad to have you, and looking forward to all the teachings and musings.

    1. Thanks Emma, it will be a great way to get a few things out of my head, and answer some of the questions people have been asking along the way.

  2. Hi Melynda
    Great to hear that you're blogging now!
    Jane :)